Potential Container Terminal in St. Bernard Parish

Maritime commerce at the Port of New Orleans generates thousands of jobs and millions of dollars for the state and the regional economy each year. To support our economic mission, Port NOLA is exploring the development of an international container terminal in Violet in St. Bernard Parish that will meet growing demand and create jobs and business opportunities for the region and state.

Following unanimous approval at the December Regular Meeting of the Board of Commissioners, the Port of New Orleans intends to acquire property in Violet in St. Bernard Parish. We are at the beginning of a two-year due diligence process that will include robust community engagement with all our stakeholders and partners.

As Louisiana’s only international container port, Port NOLA’s container business doubled in 10 years and saw double-digit growth over the past two years, and demand continues to grow. Port NOLA will continue to invest in and utilize our existing Napoleon Avenue Container Terminal in New Orleans. This infrastructure project will increase our capacity to handle projected demand and ample acreage to support ancillary logistics and value-added businesses to meet the industry’s evolving needs.

The potential project at Violet with its natural deep draft and proximity to existing infrastructure within Federal flood protection is the most favorable and feasible site to fill Louisiana’s future need and provide economic benefit to the local area.

Port NOLA is committed to including the Violet and St. Bernard Parish community throughout the process. This page will be updated with information as it becomes available. For additional questions, you may contact Cathy Alfonso, Community Engagement Manager, at cathy.alfonso@portnola.com.

To view the Violet property outline, click here.

To view the property acquisition announcement press release, click here.

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